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    SWD Packages within an Image



      We were thinking about including SWD packages inside our universal image.  The idea is that we can install a base list of software into our Universal image using SWD, and make it faster to deploy new machines.  We can also update our SWD packages on the target devices after they have been imaged.  Is this theory sound?  Is there some things I should look out for?












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          bnelson Employee

          You could do that, but I would think about using Provisioning instead. With Provisioning you won't have to rebuild your master image everytim you upgrade to a new version of an application. Your image would be windows only and the software installations are scripted to run automatically after windows is installed.

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            Thanks for the reply.  I've read over the documentation for Provisioning found here: http://community.landesk.com/support/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/2342-102-1-3883/Best%20Known%20Method%20for%20Provisioning-Unattended%20Install%20LD88.pdf






            It seems like Provisioning within LANDesk isn't quite as well documented and developed for Hardware Independent Imaging as regular OSD is.  The documentation above appears to be focused on provisioning a certain model of computer only.  In order to accomplish hardware independence, do we have to create different provisioning templates and Install Scripts for every model of computer?  is there any Provisioning documentation that is geared towards Hardware Independent Imaging?






            How long does provisioning take in comparison to regular OSD?












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              SuperMan SupportEmployee

              danpixley, I think Provisioning is naturally Hardware Independent since it runs just like you manually install the Windows. For different models the main thing is the drivers. In that Best Know Method this is done by copy the drivers to the local drive and designate the path in the Unattend.txt file. In OSD this is controlled by the Scripts and Sysprep.inf. It's very similar.


              For Windows XP instllation probably it will take about 30 minutes, for OSD it may be just 5 or 10 minutes.

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                I'd like to echo Leon's sentiment. As long as you have specified the OEMPnpDriversPath in the unattended answer file (for scripted install) or the sysprep file (for imaging), and you copy the drivers down to that directory on the target machine, then you should be fine.