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    LDSLM consuming large amounts of CPU


      Anyone having issues with the latest MCP for Mac specifically with LDSLM (v9.0.2.45527) consuming 40%-100% CPU? I've got 400 devices running this version to fix another Mac issue, but now I've got a lot of pissed of engineers threatening to uninstall the agent. Anyone else feeling the same pain with LDSLM?

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          On one of those machines if you open the landesk.log or in console Messages is it logging RC information over and over very quickly?

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            I am also getting this issue (very sporadically, and only on one of my two Mac Book Pro laptops).  Sometimes it happens several times a week, sometimes it never happens for weeks, but it's always rather annoying! (Particularly since I frequently run virtual machines, and compile large projects)


            I have no idea what the pattern is, however I checked the Console application to see if there were any excessive logging going on, and there wasn't.


            I did, however, attach a debugger to ldslm (which had a PID of 171 at this time), and noticed that it was stuck in sqlite3_exec (I checked several times, it was always in that routine).

            - I have attached what I think is likely to show at least some insight as to the problem. I am hoping that these will be useful to the landesk programmers.

            - ldslm was using 50.8% of my CPU as reported by Activity Monitor, with 2 threads and using 23.4 MB of RAM.


            Unfortunately, I can not reproduce the bug at will - it's something that only sometimes happens on specific systems.

            - This is a Mac Book Pro running Snow Leopard with a 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM, and is used for very heavy software engineering, however my other laptop with slightly lower specifications running Lion, which is not my primary development machine, has yet to show this issue.


            In my case, whenever this bug occurs, it always uses a whole core. (Eg, the process uses 50% of my CPU since I have two CPU's...  A full core).

            - This causes the system fans to spin like crazy (Very loud).


            My only option when this happens is to simply kill ldslm.


            I hope this is helpful.