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      • 1. Re: while deploying the windows XP SP3 image using provisioning template its getting faild in CTOS script
        EMiranda Expert

        I have seen this pop up in 2 scenarios in XP during provisioning.


        1.  Not having the correct Target OS on your provisioning template.


        2. having your xp sysprep.inf and folder structure incorrect:  There needs to be a line under [Unattended] like this:




        also create a folder structure like this




        make sure there is not already a cmdlines.txt in that directory if you already have, because when the COnfigure Target OS handler runs it will create or copy a cmdlines.txt in that directory and issue commands to it.



        If that doesnt do it, when it fails, grab the log file and it will tell you more info on what exactly the problem is, that log file is here: