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    MSI install problems


      Hello everyone, this is going to seem a little generalized but I wanted to check with everyone to see if you have been able to deploy an msi file and have it install quietly on remote machines. I ask this because after two years of using LANDesk and working with the package builder I have yet to have single msi deployment with successful installation. From what I have read it should be a silent install by default so I have not set any switches, is there some special magic I have to apply?

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          Well you asked a big question. In short, yes, LANDesk works very nicely with making MSI packages silent. You mentioned the package builder, this isn't really needed for MSI installs in most cases. Which package are you trying to install specifically? Each vendor is a little different but they all revolve around the same framework of the windows installer.

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            Yeah, I figured this one would be loaded especially considering the large spectrum of msi creators. My most recent instance is the Image Resize Powertoy for Windows XP which I believe is created by MS or at least aquired by them and thus stamped with their name. So I've tried this more than one way now and had absolutely no luck getting it to install remotely.



            First I tried the MSI file which I renamed to resize.msi and just created a new software distribution on so I could schedule it (no switches mind you).



            Ran the task and it shows successful but if you log onto the machine the package never installed



            Second, I used the package builder to basically encapsulate the msi along with a bat file to execute it silently after it's all exctracted to the root of c:



            Scheduled and ran the package company wide, no apparent errors. However when I check any of the successful machines the didn't get the app



            This is where it gets funky, you see if you take a look at the event log (apps) on any of those machines that I deployed this latest package builder version it shows that the msi was configured successfully and installed successfully but in reality the application is not there. Strange right? I think I've boiled this one down to the fact that a user has to be logged into the machine for the bat and msi combo to work as if I manually executed it the app installed silently even.



            Third, just for grins since I already had the msi and bat file sitting on the root of c: for all the machines I created a script just to run the bat file. All successes but no results.



            So finally, I just got tired of everything and took a vmware machine and installed the package builder and then used the wizard to monitor the install and created a package that way which works 100% of the time.



            So what are your thoughts? I have yet to have luck with LANDesk and MSI files, I'd like to recall some of the other instances but it's a little tedious to dig it out as I've already moved on and I wasn't a member of these nice forums then. Thanks.



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              Here's what you can try and this is usually what I do to troubleshoot getting pacakages to install silent. Run msiexec from a run command and you will see all the switches associated with windows installer. When you create a delivery method in LANDesk, it automatically passes a lot of those switches for you. Specifically the /qn and /qb are what makes it silent or just a basic UI install.


              For troubleshooting you package, leave LANDesk out of it, run your msi from a command line with a /qb switch and see if it installs or produces an error. Also some applications only install for the logged in user, so this could be one of them. You may want to try running "resize.msi ALLUSERS=1 /qb" and see if that works. One thing you can do to test this is if you manually install the package logged in as user A, if you log out and log in with user B, is the program installed for user B?

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                Awesome. Thanks for the tips, this has been the best info I've got so far although this is technically my first time asking. I usually spend a lot of time on research so I don't have to ask  but in this case at least the help is there. Thanks again.

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                  According to MS, you should be able to silently install any of the MS XP Powertoys using the "/s /v/qn" switches. There is no space between /v and /qn.



                  eg. TaskswitchPowertoySetup.exe /s /v/qn



                  If that doesn't work, try this MSI command line:



                  msiexec.exe /i Alt_Tab_Task_Switcher_Powertoy.msi /allusers=1 /qn






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                    Interesting,  I can't say that I have seen those switches and even though I've already deployed the package via another method I will have to try these to see how it behaves with LANDesk. Are these a compilation of experience or information because to me it seems hardest to find examples when researching switches for MSI files?

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                      Actually, I did make a typo in the command line.  /Allusers=1 should not have the / in front.



                      Now, /QN is the MSI switch for /Quite with No Interface.  It's totally silent, no progress bar, no windows, no error messages, nothing.  There are other common variations including /QB+ and /QB- which give varying degrees of UI and feedback during the install process.



                      ALLUSERS=1 is an MSI setup property and not a switch. It means "install this application for everybody, not just the person running the installer". Depending on how the msi package is authored, it may or may not have any effect - with MS products, it's always safe to assume it works correctly.  Most MSI packages have this property set by default, by it never hurts to override it on the command line.






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                        Hello zuasive,


                        on this page



                        you can find a lot of tipps of installation parameters...






                        Windows Installer Public Properties: http://www.appdeploy.com/tips/detail.asp?id=29