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    Repair to Service Desk Console of App Server Caused Failure


      Version: 7.4.2


      Hi all,


      We recently had a failure of our windows consoles to connect to the live system.


      The situation arose from running a repair on the windows console for Service Desk on the application server in an attempt to retrieve some files which were missing from the current installation.


      The repair was run by using the autorun.exe then selecting windows client, then repair. Once the repair was completed our users were then unable to login and despite our best efforts to resolve the problem, we in the end had to restore from a previous VM snapshot.


      What I would like to ask is what could have caused this? And why would running a repair option on the Service Desk console would cause this problem to occur? Is the Service Desk Console on the application server closely linked in with rest of the App Server itself?


      This is mainly an information gathering excercise for myself, because I would like to avoid this happening again


      Hopefully this will be a prompt for me to be provided with a test environment that I have been asking for.... We shall see!!


      Any information anyone can give would be much appreciated.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



          Assuming the user that had problems was using Console installed on his local PC,  it suggests to me that you have TPS (Touchpaper Services) installed on your Applications Server  and that user has their Console config file pointing at the TPS on the Application Server.    My guess would be that doing a repair overwrote the tps.config file (in ProgramData\Touchpaper\Touchpaper.Framework.Web.. folder) for the TPS web service on the Applications Server and this caused the issue.   I'm assuming you have a Web Server where normal Console and Web Access/Portal users normally point and that the Applications Server is just for the Service Desk Services?


          IMHO it would be worth checking the console.exe.config and/or consolex64.exe.config on the users PC that failed and compare same settings with one that didn't;  my guess is that one points at the App Server and one to the Web Server......



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            elizabethcombrink Expert

            HI Terry,


            From what you are saying you did a repair on teh Landesk application on your application server.  Landesk has a combined installer for all the products - so I imagine what happened is exactly what Julian is suggesting.  All the configuration files were rewritten to the original blank ones.


            And IMHO, you need a test / dev environment for this product.  I go cold at the thought of having to support Service Desk with only Production at my disposal.  You are going to be doing a lot of snapshot and db restores in future if you can't identify and iron out problems before before you touch Production services.

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              Hi both,


              Thank you for your responses, it does certainley seem from what has been said here that this is what happened.


              The good news that has come from this is that now finally a lab environment has been agreed for me to use, it is a shame it took an event like this to prove my point


              To be honest I have always been twitchy of messing with the live system and wouldnt normally and I think ive done quite well to last this long without a problem occuring!!


              Thanks again for your responses, very much appreciated, lesson learnt for the future!!