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    is it possible to add a recipient to a reminder in a process?

    jkhill Specialist

      I have a process in which any added note generates e-mails (reminders).  I've added a few boolean fields that the process uses to determine who receives the reminders.  However, I want to add the ability for the end user to add any recipient desired by typing the address(es) into a textbox.


      I know the user could just click Add Reminder instead of Add Note, and then would have access to the reminder window, where Add Recipient is an option if you hit Save rather than Save & Close.  But the e-mails my process generates include additional detail like the incident's ID, title and description that gives the Note some context.


      What I'm hoping to do is find a way to include the reminder's Add Recipient functionality somehow so if my Other Addresses field is not null, my process can add a recipient of type Other Email Address and I can insert a placeholder of {Notes/_OtherAddressees} into the value field.  Becaus Other Addresses is a string, I can't add it to the User dropdown in the main Reminders window, and besides some of these users may not be the LDSD Users database.


      Any thoughts?