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    Patching issue - All machines Failed - Log = Could Not Download


      Hello there,


      I was wondering if anyone knows why LANDesk reports that all my machines have failed?


      Every month our company patches machines with critical updates released by MS. Before going LIVE, we test these patches by deploying them on 30 test user machines. All 30 boxes in LANDesk report as FAILED.


      The log on the failed machines all report one thing - COULD NOT DOWNLOAD, FAIL


      Can anyone offer any advice what is going on and how I can avoid this from occurring?



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          You will need to post the following to get more help:



          What version of LANDesk


          What SP level


          Do you have the latest MCP's installed if at LD




          Also, post (attach) one of the vulscan.log files that has the failure in it.



          Now.... to start off.  Go to your patch tool, click on the "Downloads Updates" icon, make sure Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities" is checked, and download now.


          Do patches download?


          Right click on one the patches > download associated patches... are they showing "Yes"??