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    Template Provisioning doesn't Work


      Hello Community,


      Something interesting happened today. I was deploying windows 7 on 10 computers using OSD. Once the job was completed, i tried to use template provisioning to install a program, but it inmediatly failed. The message was "Busy with an existing provisioning job (197)".


      There weren't previous jobs running on the computers. I don't know why this is happening. Last week we deployed 2 computers and ran the same process without any issues.


      The way we got template provisioning to work on those 10 computers was removing them from the LanDesk Database and adding them again. Any ideas of what could be wrong? Have any of you gone thorugh the same problem?




      Note: We're using LDMS 9 SP2.

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          I think this is the reason why the problem is happening: I created an automated capture process that would do the following:


          - Delete Landesk Agent's registry keys

          - run Sysprep in audit mode

          - Vboot the computer


          - Capture the image

          - Reboot the computer


          - Eliminate Sysprep Audit mode (set some registry keys to put the computer back to normal)

          - Activate the admin account

          - Reboot


          This is my template 1.png


          The  entire process works great, but then everytime we deploy an image we get the problem described above.


          I  think that this problem came because once a template provisioning job  is done, the provisioning agent will contact the Core Server looking for  the step in the job. If there aren't more steps to run then the process  is completed. In this case, I'm capturing an image with a template  provisioning job that has more steps left, and that's why the new deployed  images are having some issues when trying to run template provisioning  on them.