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    Can a computer pull a scheduled task before its actual start time?


      I created a scheduled task to start at 4PM which is based on a query to build the device list of recipients. Is it possible for one of those devices to preempt the start time of the scheduled task by manually invoking a scan/inventory?

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          The answer should be no.


          If one wants to be able to have a scheduled item, but also make it possible for the devices to get it preemptively, then one could simply set up a separate task as an optional policy, so that the item is made available via the deployment portal. It would require two separate tasks though. Provided that you're using the right kind of package, you'll have no trouble doing this. You can't do this with the old script style deals, as they are push only. And you should be very very careful with making "required" packages. They are tricky beasts to get them to work as you expect them to.



          Now, if this question was the outcome of some undesired results, you might want to review that no mistake was made on the scheduling that actually caused it to run immediately. For instance, picking the wrong date, and/or scheduling the job after the hour that its supposed to start. So if you schedule a job at 3:30pm to run at 4:00am, but pick today's date, it's going to run immediately, since the date and time is in the past, but it only takes one element to put it in the past. Could pick AM instead of PM alone, and that would mess it up as well. Probably pointing out the obvious here, but i do this because it HAPPENS. A LOT!



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