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    Linking Knowledge to Incident Categories (portal)?




      A quick query if anyone can shed some light on this please.


      is it possible to somehow link a knowledge article to an incident category?


      The reason for asking this is because we're currently exploring the use of knowledge in our portal; here's a scenario:

      A user/super user logs into the portal to raise a call, when they select the incident category a list of linked knowledge articles appears somewhere on the window - similar to how automatic knowledge searches work in console. - is this possible?


      We're currently using version 7.3.2 with a look to move to 7.4 in the future, so any info in regards to whether the above is possible in either release would be much appreciated.


      Thank you

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          Here's one idea.  Try this out on your test server to see if this suits:


          In Object Designer drag the Incident Management - Category object onto the Knowledge management - Article object and select No when asked.

          Then modify your article window to add the new category field onto it.

          Modify your articles to specify which incident category you want them to be associated with.

          Go into Query and Report designer and create a new System Filter.

          Select to base it on Knowledge Management - Article but filter by Incident Management - Incident.

          Drag on the attributes from the article that you want to be displayed to the user.

          On the criteria select your new category attribute on the article and the the condition "Is Equal to Category" and specify a runtime value of Category (from your Incident object).

          Pop this filter on the window in question and this should populate ok when the incident category is selected.


          Small disclaimer: I haven't tested this in portal.


          Best wishes