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    WebAccess Dashboards - resetting all settings

    Adam Wilden Expert



      We've has a few testers completely mess up their home pages, as users tend to


      We can reset their dashboard to the default but this doesn't change any of the settings that affect this, such as layout or report templates applied etc.


      We need some way to be able to reset all dashboard user settings, especially as ocassionally one gets corrupted completely (we've still not managed to fix one).


      Support sent us this some time ago but it doesn't seem to affect any settings at all, or fix the dashboard if it is broken.


      Delete from tps_user_preference where tps_user_guid = (select tps_guid from tps_user where tps_name = 'XXXXXX')


      Has anyone any ideas?


      Cheers - Adam.

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          Adam Wilden Expert

          I think after further testing that tehse settings must be for Console only.


          So any ideas what they might be for WebAccess?



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            Stu McNeill Employee

            Hi Adam,


            There isn't a way yet to revert them in product however the personalisations are stored in ui_personalised_dashboard which contains the guid of the user, the guid of the dashboard and the personalised data.  You can safely delete from that table to revert them back to the original dashboard design.


            The only time I've seen a "corrupt" personalised dashboard is when the dashboard had massive design changes made to it after it had been personalised by a user.


            I hope that help!

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              Adam Wilden Expert

              Thanks Stu,  That resets the layout (but oddly not which Report Templates they have applied).


              If anyone's interested:




              After rigorous testing we've only managed to break a dashboard twice - both times when Design Mode was available to the user.


              I can't see it happening in real life - but it's still useful to be able to allow our staff to reset everything to how it should be.


              This is because Analysts can change Report Templates, and can make this change sticky by changing any other item - something like shrinking and expanding a webpart will do.


              Thansk again - Adam.