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    How to change the Default DVD Drive letter from "D" to someother Driver letter for External DVD Drives


      Hi All,




      1. When I was using this "diskpart /s c:\windows\temp\diskpart.txt" command line under generalize mode,


      diskpart.txt would contain:


      select disk 0

      select volume 0

      assign letter = Z


      It was working fine...The thing is Whatever machines have the Inbuilt DVD drive its automatically renaming from default DVD driver letter D: to Z: and I was getting only one partition like C: Drive as per my expectation.


      2. Whatever Machines doesnt have the Inbuilt DVD drives,(In those machines we will be using USB DVD drives), It's automatically separate the C drive into C drive as OS files Partition and System reserved partition was assigned into drive letter Z:, It was giving the two partitions instead of Single partition like C: Drive Alone and it was assigning the some other drive letter for External DVD drive.


      Clarification and How to do this for Procedure 2?


      In this Case I need whenever we are using the External DVD drive it should assign that drive letter into Z: for that Particular External DVD drive... and I shouldnot get the two separate partitions in that same machine like C drive as OS files Partition and System reserved partition as Z:, In this case also I need Single Partition as C Drive alone, But the External DVD Drive Letter should be assigned to letter Z: whenever we are pluging into those machines.


      Can you please help me in this regards,


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