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    10.5 OS Deployment



      Greetings all






      Just wondering if anyone is planning on using Landesk to do there 10.5 rollout ? and which methods you plan on going through.






      Also if any of the Landesk Mac guys could provide some input (if you happen to be reading this)


















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          We are planning to incorporate LANDesk into our 10.5 rollout but due to the amount of data that needs to be transfered off the machine and back again most of the process will be done manually. We will be using LANDesk to track our progress and make sure we return the machine to the correct state for installed software. We may also use LANDesk to kick-of the Net Restore sessions, but that isn't fully fleshed out yet.

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            I don't think LANDesk does Mac OS upgrades directly. The Mac would need to be booted from a netboot server, so if you have a Mac server with netboot, you could setup a Leopard netinstall set, but you wouldn't be able to control it from LANDesk. You would only be able to initiate the netboot. You would then need to visit the machine to go through the installer.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              The LANDesk MAC guys wrote up a white paper for MAC OSD - that should help you out for most things:



              Enjoy :).


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                That would be more for imaging. I was assuming the OP meant "upgrading" the OS on top of the previous OS and data.

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                  At this time the LANDesk tool is designed for performing a total "Reimage". Any time you are changing operating systems (going from 10.4 to 10.5) it is best to do a fresh install of the actual OS. You can usually back-up the users entire home folder and put that back on the new system without to many issues - this retains all the users previous settings and preferences. If you are referring to OS upgrades such as installing 10.5.2 over 10.5.0 then you can also utilize the LANDesk Patch Manger or send the .pkg out as a standard package install (just make sure you honor the reboot requests).

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                    Hi Paul,


                    Is there a way to image a new MAC out of the box without installing anything other than booting to Netboot?

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                      I have not heard of any 3rd party utilities that do network imaging without netboot. I went and skimmed the table of contents in Apples System imaging doc (http://images.apple.com/server/docs/System_Image_and_SW_Update_v10.4C.pdf) and didn't see an option that doesn't use netboot. I'm sure you could do stuff with a firewire drive and that kind of thing but for mass deployment that doesn't seem feasible. However if you are just doing one offs here and there it might be a way for you to go. Maybe look into something like superduper!

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                        If you are trying to setup a machine new out of the box, you could build your own custom installer pkg or mpkg to install and configure your machines.


                        The only time you could need to actually come up with an image solution would be for an older machine that you want to rebuild from scratch. In that case the OS image could simply be the standard factory image and then the custom install packages would be applied to the machine.

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                          I'm basically trying to image 20 mac's in one shot. Pull them out of the box then netboot them to automated imaging. I've been using the LANDesk way but i would have to put the agent on the mac first then schedule the software distribution task to all the mac's. There's no way to image the mac's like how windows it right?

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                            Imaging Macs the LANDesk way means using Apple's method, which kinda sucks. All the cool kids use Deploy Studio.