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    Problems when using OSD on more than a few computers at a time.


      Hello!  I'm having a weird issue that I believe might be in our core server's IIS.  We're running LDMS 9.0 SP2 and whenever I make an OSD task, all of the related files are downloaded from the core server via http.  If there is only a few computers in the job everything seems to go normally.  If I try to image more than say, 8 at a time, I might get at least one error code 2 (System was unable to find the file specified) or error code 5 (access denied).  If I change nothing on the PC(s) that failed and try again in a task by itself, it works fine.


      When I check the OSD logs on the server I can see the Access Denied error comes from the machine's sdclient.exe trying to download boot.img, or if the error was the 'Unable to Find the File' one, the script is trying to run one of the files that should have been downloaded as well.  Keep in mind that there can be several other PCs in the same task that download all of the files just fine.


      Anybody have any thoughts?