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    Scheduled queries creates TPS sql timeout




      We have a problem with Scheduled queries. If the amount off incidents that the query reads are large ( > 5000) we get a system stop situation due to that the scheduled query job gets an error and as soon as the Query service polls again it starts to continue tje job that has failed.


      We only get this in the production environment. Not in the test environment. The only difference is that there is much more load on the system in production.


      It happens when we run the automatic closure functionality described here on the community.  It is the query that flags all incidents ready to close that fails. This query has to go through all active incidents and they are quite a few at this customer site.


      Has anyone else come across the same  problem?



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          yes indeed.  What we do is manually close using bulk update to get through the large number of outstanding resolved processes and then schedule the autoclose calculation/closure so background services only has a reasonable number to do.  Not a solution, but seems to work well enough.  There doesn't seem to be threshold in background services to only process a certain number of items on each poll period.