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    LANDesk Preferred Server (LDMS 9)


      Morning everybody,


      We have a LANDesk preferred server configured in the office. The problem is that the client seems to be pulling the files from the core rather than the preferred server. To verify if the client reocognises the PS,  I was looking for the preferredserver.dat file, which many say is located in


      C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache


      Unfortunately my DAT file is not there. However, when I navigate to:


      C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache\LDCacheInfo


      There is a file in their called preferredservers.CORE-01.dat


      Upon opening the above file in notepad, I see the following jibberish:


      TDMM    ,       Ø- N: •ÁÕ0Ì +


      Anyone know what may be going on?


      I am confident that I have set the PS up correctly but I have no idea what is going on with the client.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,


      Thank you!

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          zman Master

          What SP and MCPs have you installed? If you don't have too many preferred servers configured, I would try:

          1. If you don't have a current SP or MCP installed, I would consider installing the,
          2. First try and delete the local preferredserversXXX.dat file and see if it is recreated correctly. You can wait for the local scheduled task, or kick off a SD job.
          3. If not, I would delete all prefereed servers on the core and recreate.
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            Hi mate,


            SP, MCP - what does that mean?


            The agent deployed on our clients is LD 9 SP2.


            I pushed out an update today to upgrade all machines to Adobe Reader X. The installation files are present on the preferred server.


            Once the task was started, I scrolled to the right of the ACTIVE queue and expanding the menu item to see what each client was doing. Now I saw 50% of the clients showing "Downloading File from CORE" and 50% showing "Downloading File from PREFERRED".


            I made note of 6 machines that were downloading from the core and physically checked the machines, specifically, the LDCLIENT/SDMCACHE folder. Surprise Surprise - there is no PS.DAT present. I then initiated a manual security and compliance scan and checked the same location - still nothing.


            What the heck is going on?


            Cheers ZMAN.

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              Just to throw a spanner in the works.


              All the 6 machines that did not have the preferredservers.dat file DESPITE initiating a manual scan, have all now got the PS.DAT file.


              WTF is going on?


              I know the file is purged every so often and then recreated when an automated scheduled or local scheduler task is triggered BUT the same should be true if i manually start a security scan on the client - but it is NOT.


              Once again, WTF is going on? LOL


              I would like to know what automated scan is making this magic happen? If I find that out, I can initiate this 'magic scan' prior to any furute patching. This way I will be 100% sure the DAT file is existant on the client.

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                So when you went to  C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache\LDCacheInfo and found  a file in there called preferredservers.CORE-01.dat you opend it in Notepad and saw some stuff. That stuff is the information that the TCMService uses to track when it should delete a file from cache - it is not the actual file. So far so good.


                If you had a PS.DAT file it would have been located in C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache. You didnt find it, proberbly because it gets deleted after 15 minutes by the local schedular.


                When SDClient starts - because the agent wants to download a file, then the .DAT file will get recreated. If you open it in notepad you should see a random number, followed by a "?" followed by a list of servers seperated by commas. The first server name is the one that will be used as the first choice. If you are not seeing any servers listed, but are getting the file, then eithe you have not defined any prefered servers, or you have given them IP address ranges that do not match the clients current IP address. Its always a good idea to have at least one server with no IP address range to act as a fail safe or backup to the others - in case they are not reachable, or do not have the file that is going to be downloaded.


                Im not sure if anything other than SDClient will case a PS.DAT file to be created - vulscan may do it - I dont know.

                Hope that helps a little...



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