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    Manual Install Adv Agent Failed Mid Way - Now What?


      Hi All,


      I had installed a working advanced agent on an out of band computer. Wanting to update settings, I tried manually installing a new advanced agent. It appears to have only installed half way as Im missing the brokerconfig.exe and nothing in the start menu.


      Ive tried rebooting, tried reinstalling the old previously working agent. Ive tried leaving it running overnight. Ive tried the standard non advanced agent.


      Im unable to locate any logs, can anyone give me some advice?


      LDMS 9SP2

      Fresh install of WinXP, NO AV.



      Thank you,


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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Lets clarify a few things so we can help you.


          When you say it failed mid way, lets actually narrow down where the failure occurred.


          1. The Advance agent is a very small MSI and the advanced agent installs really quickly. (Did this install fine?)

          2. Once installed the advanced installs, it downloads the Agent Configuration from the Core Server? (Is it downloading?)

          3. Then the Agent configuration, which is a much bigger installer, starts the install (is this where it failed mid way?)


          I think from what you said, it is failing on part 3 where it tries to install the new agent.


          Ok, now lets ask why?

          Why are you manually installing the advance agent manually? When doing a manual install, why do the extra work to use the advance agent? Is there a reason...you could just download the self-contained Agent configuration exe and run that.


          Maybe the why doesn't matter, because there error probably occurs if you run the self-contained agent manually too.


          About the log...There should be a log in the temp directory,either you users or the windows temp, called wscfg32.xlg.


          Another idea:  Have you tried running uninstallwinclient.exe and reinstalling?

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            Thank you for the reply. Im doing a manual install as the computer is out on the WAN. Im guessing the install fails because the gatway is not functioning.


            Ill start there in the morning.