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    has anyone used the USMT 4.0- space estimate feature?


      We will be using USMT 4.0 for our upcoming XP to Win7 migration and I would like to use the space estimate switch to have an idea of how much  space will be needed for our profile backups. However, I do not  understand the output of the file when I run this  command. The command to retrieve a space-estimate for a computer is  scanstate.exe /p:filename(txt or xml) /(migxmls).

      An example of a txt or xml file is below and I do not understand this  because my backup sizes have been 1.6GB, 750MB and others. This does  not appear to match anything in the output file. I think that this  estimate is supposed to reflect space needed for  the source and destination but the reported sizes still do not match. If these are supposed to bytes then this is too small and if kb then it's too large. Can anyone know how I am supposed to read this space-estimate file? I have looked at Microsoft's documentation and have not found explanations.



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



          <size clusterSize="4096">16572416</size>