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    Adding Dell CCTK to WinPE Image


      Good Day,


      I'm trying to add the Dell Client Configuration Toolkit to my WinPE image in order to more effectively manage BIOS settings while provisioning.

      I'm running LDMS 9.0 SP2 and my boot.wim is pretty much default Ver 6.0.6001 (other then adding drivers).

      I was able to mount my image but I was unable to install the required applications because my image was prepped.


      First off I was wondering if anybody had successfully installed the CCTK in WinPE 2 and how they went about doing it.


      Otherwise it would be helpful to know if a non-propped WinPE image is available?


      Thank you,

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          Never mind!


          I got it working.

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            What exactly are you using the Dell CCTK application for? We are in our beginning phases of a WinXP>Win7 migration and I recently came across this Dell CCTK and would like to use it to change the computers' BIOS settings to boot from the NIC (pxe) and change it back after the provisioning task.

            Also, are you using the regular dell Windows application in Windows PE? I tried to run some Windows applications that I had put into the boot.wim and received "access is denied" errors.

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              We are in a educational evironment and plan use the Dell CCTK to password protect the BIOS, change the boot order (remove unwanted boot devices), set HDD controller to AHCI and set the owner tag to the name of the school.


              I was able to make changes in the WinPE environment but have yet to test via provisioning templates (Can't see why it wouldn't work)


              Over the next day I will be testing it with Provisioning.



              To answer your question, yes it could be used to remove the ability to PXE boot but you would have to go into the BIOS and turn it back on the next time you want to PXE boot.


              In the past we used the DCCU (which build an EXE) to make changes while in the OS but this didn't seem to work consistently and sometimes broke the OS.

              If it changes the HDD mode from ATA to AHCI for example.