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    Provisioning - Using it to run a scheduled task


      Hi everyone,



      Just have a question.  Is it possible run a scheduled task from another scheduled task?


      For example Task X says to open notepad.


      And for just this case it just case Task Y would call on Task X.


      The reason behind this is that I have a provisioning template.


      It does everything i need it to do. 

      At the end I would like to set up the auto gateway.


      However Landesk has a task for it and I have no way of calling it.  Other than waiting till the provisioning task is complete and then individually run the task for installing and fixing the auto gateway.


      So in all, I would like to stream line so that at the end of the provisioning it would call or start the task for the autogateway.


      Any pointers would be appreciated. 


      Although there may not be a direct way to call the task from within a task or during provisioning, is there a work around for that?


      Thank you.

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          EMiranda Expert

          is the set up the auto gateway, the repair autogateway managed script?  you could take apart the script and either put it in a .bat file or have individual execute file commands to do the same thing the script is doing.

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            Yea, i was able to find the actual script for it.


            And was able to add the commands individually to provisioning.


            However what if i had a provisioning template for imaging a machine.


            After imaging it, i would like to create a ghost image of it (after doing all the HII). 


            I have a provisioning task that boots it in to the WinPE environment and create a ghost image.


            The reasoning behind the 2nd ghost is that if the machine ever have to be restored we just use that ghost image as opposed to just reimaging it.  The process is a lot quicker since reimaging takes about 5-10 minutes whereas using provisioning (we use HII) takes about 15-20 min.


            In any case, what i like to do is that after I provision it, I would like it to call the ghost provisioning template to make an image out of it.


            Is there any way to do that?