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    LD SD 7.4 Current Assignment Details


      Hello Everyone,


      Just wondering if anyone can assist, this is my first time setting up the service desk product and finding very frustrating, as configuring it is not very intuitive.

      The issue I am facing now is when I create a test call\incident, the Current Assignment Details are greyed out and I cannot choose who to assign the call to ??


      What is it I am missing ?



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          not entirely sure what this is like out of the box but you should after populating the incident screen have an assignment or possibly an initial assignment action that you select that brings you to a separate window where you carry out the assignment. the current assignment field that you mentioned is just that the current assignement and will not be populated until an asssignment has taken place which in your case hasn't. hope this goes some way!


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            The Current Assignment fields are either a referenced attribute or a calculated attribute, neither of which can be edited directly as they are read-only. After saving your record you should be given some actions on the left hand side, one of which being Add Assignment. You use this action to create an assignment for this incident (or problem, change, request etc) and once this is saved it should populate the Current Assignment information in those fields on the Incident window.


            Hope this helps, this info is based on an OOTB system though, so if you've created a whole new process from scratch it may not contain these actions.