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    Adam Wilden Expert



      Sorry to keep posting.


      Our first day on 7.4.


      Does anyone know any way we can turn off mouseover tooltips on queries?  They are opening in huge windows which often obscure the entire screen!


      I've advised pople to try to avoid letting their mouse move over the relavant workload fields but it's seriously annoying people.


      Many thanks.

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Adam,


          The behaviour can't be configured, however out of interest what type of data are you adding as query columns?  I've seen tooltips take up the screen when it is trying to show you the contents of a multi-line field and this is normally a good thing!



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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Hi Stu,


            According to our users - very much not a good thing!  Must be a fussy lot here at Kingston  .


            If it was consistent it would be OK but the tool tips change and jump in size all over the place.


            Yes this happens on -1 fields but we would normally expect them to follow a standard size and maximum char count.


            On many of them the tool tip was actually larger than the desktop (ours are 1280x1024)...


            But it was the crazy way they change in size that drove people nuts.


            Spent the other night updating over 60 queries to show a  truncated attribute to stop this happening -  so we are OK now but wouldn't want to repeat that exercise again 


            Cheers - Adam.

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              Hi Adam,


              We just upgraded to 7.4 this past weekend also and noticed the same thing.  It seems to causee a problem with some of our Citrix users.


              When you mentioned updating your queries to show a truncated attribute, what exactly does that mean ?


              Some of our queries have the description field listed, and the field tends to have alot of text, especailly when it's a ticket that has been opened via an email.


              Please let me know.......Thanks.

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                Nevermind, thanks anyway.  I found it in the column definition.....