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    Have to Restart the LANDesk Management Gateway Service Daily.


      We are in the deployment stage and Im starting to encounter an issue.


      We have one core with one gateway appliance.


      I recently noticed my two remote computers get the error "LDSICN32: The Inventory Server CORENAME did not respond.


      The 1st time I resolved the issue by rebooting the core and gateway.(Shotgun approach) 

      The 2nd time I tried restarting the LANDesk Management Gateway Service, Tested and Failed. Then I restarted the LANDesk Inventory Server and it Started working. (Maybe I tried to quick after restarting the Gateway Service)


      This time Im going to restart the LANDesk inventory server to see what happens. Did not work. I guess Ill try the LANDesk Management Gateway Service now. Ok, and it works.


      Whats going on that I have to restart this service daily, how can I resolve it?