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    WebDesk - Open Actions in New Window

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi Folks,


      We presented the new WebDesk 7.4 to some of our support teams yesterday but they have once again turned it down as not meeting their requirements.


      Our Service Desk have also refused to use it for the same reasons.


      Some of these we can overcome in 7.4, but by far the major problem is the inability to open Actions in a new window.


      Many of our calls are complex and you need to be able to see the original call details and user when composing an answer.


      At the moment, we advise staff to open the call in WebDesk, and then copy and paste the call and user details into Notepad  before clicking on, say, Resolve.


      Most teams however have elected to stick with Console (which we were hoping to move away from).


      I raised an ER about this a while back (http://community.landesk.com/support/ideas/2127)  but I don't think it's a priority for a lot of people.


      Has anyone *any* ideas about how we can hack a way around this?


      We are happy to dive into the code if we need to...


      Practically everything allows you to right-click and select "Open in New Window" except the one thing we need - actions!


      Our new WebDesk looks great so it's a real shame that no one wants to use it.


      Many thanks.



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          Hi Adam,


          If you created some windowless actions for these actions, say New Note for the Add Note action, New Assignment and so on you could then create some extra fields on the Incident window, called say Action Summary, Action Description etc.


          Once these are created you could create some new Incident windows which actually only feature the Raise User and Incident details as required in a Read-Only format and have those newly created attributes displayed as well. Users can then enter the action data into these fields and in the process follow these windowless actions with an automatic instance of their equivalent (add note, add assignment etc) and use value types to copy data from the windowless action windows to the actual action.


          In this repect it would meet your support teams requirement of displaying incident and user data on the action windows without needing be able to open a second window. They will not know the difference visually between a windowless action and the physical action that creates a note or an assignment and it wouldn't require a lot of modification (unless you have a whole lot of actions!)


          I hope this makes sense.




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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Thanks Hadyn,


            Hadn't thought o fthat.  We'ev used Windowloess actions in teh past (actually we've only just phased out the last of them).


            This would ceratinlywork for Resolution - might be a bit more tricky for Notes and Assignments...


            Cheers - Adam.

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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Adam,


              There is no easy answer for this one I'm afraid.  One way I could think was to open the incident multiple times in different browser tabs/windows, but depending on your locking configuration that may or may not work anyway.  Alternatively the way actions load the URL is portable so there is potential to launch an action away from using the actions panel.


              My best solution would be similar to what Hadyn suggested and have the fields you'll likely need to reference on the action window itself.  This isn't really possible at the moment without the complex object and process design but would if this existing enhancement was put in place: Access to incidents attributes on a collection/action BEFORE pressing Save (I know you've already voted for that!).  The ER has had quite a few votes now so is due some acknowledgement from the Product Management bods, I'll poke them with a stick...

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                Adam Wilden Expert

                Cheers Stu,


                We tried looking deeper into the code but can't easily get at the function that the actions trigger. 


                What do you mean by "Alternatively the way actions load the URL is portable so there is potential to launch an action away from using the actions panel."  Do you mean something like including a link on the form?   Hadn't really considered that but it may be a way around.  Any further advcie would be very gratefully accepted.


                I agree if the relationship was set up on opening a new action rather than on Save this would get around things but I won't hold my breath for that one


                I've discussed this with our project team and they don't want me to go down the Windowless action route (thanks again Hadyn) as it would only partially solve the issue.


                And we tried opening 2 instances in 2 tabs but it starts to get very confusing about which tab you are updating etc.


                So for the moment we've agreed that the Service Desk and faculty support staff won't use WebDesk but will stick to Console.  This is a shame as we've put in much work and it otherwise looks great.  So I'll also raise  this with our Account manager as I believe the technical change required wouldn't take that much work and we really want to be back getting the most out of the product.


                Thanks again - Adam.

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                  You might ask your account manager to get a quote raised for doing this extra bit as a special piece if work by the SI team?

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                    Stu McNeill Employee

                    Hi Adam,


                    The action URL is fairly straight forward to decipher and totally portable (ie. you can launch the URL directly, you aren't forced to use the actions panel).  As well as for your use this is useful to know for those using a link in an email for filling out surveys - you could send them directly to the "Complete Survey" action rather than the incident...


                    An incident looks like:



                    An action is pretty much the same.  It looks like:



                    The differences are it loads invokeFunction.rails instead of open.rails and includes the action name at the end such as &function_name=AddNote.  The class name and guid are the same though.

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                      Adam Wilden Expert

                      Many thanks Stu,


                      This is exactly what we are looking at after you mentioned it in your last post.


                      We can put a couple of labels  - Add Note (New Tab), Resolve (New Tab) etc., on the form and use JS to convert them to links using the format you specify.


                      This forum continues to be incredibly useful.


                      I'd still like to be able to do this with standard functionality so anyone else interested - please vote on the ER a couple of posts up!


                      Cheers - Adam.