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    While deploying the windows 7 image it should be prompted "Language Selection, region settings, computer name and Time zone" for users


      Hi All,


      Procedure to seal the windows 7 OS for capture:


      I have sealed the windows 7 OS "When it comes to welcome screen I have pressed ctrl+shft+F3, it has logged into Administrator account automatically and I have done the customizations then ran SYSPREP.EXE and selected Enter System Audit Mode from the System Cleanup Action drop-down list. The Generalize box is unchecked and selected Shutdown from the Shutdown Options drop-down list. Then click OK, It has shutdown.


      Deploying the image using Provisioning template:


      After that I have used provisioning template to deploy the image, I have injected the answer file into provisioning template using inject script, it is working fine and it has taken the answers also and deployed the image sucessfully as I expected.




      The thing is now I want to prompt the "Language Selection, region settings, computer name and Time zone" these details users only should give the inputs as their wise, it should prompt before ctrl+alt+del screen.


      How can i do this using answer file as I mentioned the above procedure to seal the image ? or is there anyother options available to perform this function? 


      Can anyone plese guide me in this regards,