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    Webaccess - Notes Collections


      Within our Incident Notes object there we have defined two details fields. The first is the standard 'Text' and is used for analysts to record note detail of activity or progress against an incident. The second is a 'External Note' field which is for the benefit of end users.


      The first would be used to record snippets which may be something we wouldn't want end users to see or perhaps is written in techie speak that wouldn't be appropriate for end users anyway.


      The upshot is, when an analyst looks at the note in webdesk he/she would see both the 'Text' and also the 'External Note'. The end user should see only the 'External'. Not all Notes would contain 'External' details.


      The part of this that I cannot achieve is on the Collections tab on the End User Incident form. I can put the Notes collection on there but this will list Notes records (including the Summary field) that don't necessarily have 'External' details and are not meant for end user viewing.


      I have tried creating a new query based on Notes and only select rows where 'External' is not Null, however this shows all such Notes and doesn't limit it to the particular indicent in question.


      Any ideas?




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          Can you simply define a second window that doesn't contain the standard text field, and using your View rules, make this the one that displays for end-users?




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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            You could also just create a new window, "make available" in webdesk and set it as the default via Window Manager (red tick).


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              Thanks for the replies guys ...


              presently, if an end user opens an incident in self service the window that opens is End User Update - which is as expected.



              That window containg a Notes collection as a tab plus atm for testing purposes a query I build on the notes object.



              The problem with the standard Notes collection is that is displays Notes whether or not there is anything there meant for the end user (ie the External deailt field is Null). If the user double click on such a line they see the (end user) Notes form that doesn't contain the Text field but does contain the External field.


              The upshot is that the user can see that a Note has been created for our own internal purposes but apart from the summary isn't allowed to see the content. A bit untidy.


              I thought I could fix this by placing a purpose built query onto a tab which filters out any notes where the External field is Null - the problem with this is that it shows all such Notes whether or not they are associate with this Incident or not.




              Thanks BK

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                Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



                Whilst there may be better ways of doing this one thing that springs immediately to mind is to put a boolean attribute on the Note BO to the effect "Show End User Note";  you can then based your query criteria off of this boolean.    Extending that thought,  perhaps then make this attribute a  "Before Save" calculated field and set/reset the value depending on whether the User Notes field is empty or not.  Then you can make the checkbox readonly on the window or even hide it.



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                  Stu McNeill Employee



                  You're on the right track creating a query.


                  Create a filter, base is on the Note object and set the object to filter against to Incident.  Add the criteria you need to filter out thse without external text then drag on the one-to-one relationship to Incident as another critiera.  On the dialog that appears select "Runtime Value" and then press OK (don't try to use the tree that appears) - this will make the filter only show notes for the incident you're viewing at the time.


                  I hope that helps.

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                    Thanks Stu (and to everyone), that is exactly what I needed.


                    OIn webdesk the Notes tab shows all notes added to the incident and in Self Service the end user's Notes tab only shows those notes that we want him/her to see.