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    Initial Software Deployment


      Hi @ all


      Envroment : Landesk Management Suite 8.8 SP2


      In OSD I have configured Provisoning Template "Initial Software Deployment" to install a few Software-Packages in one step.

      This has worked very well for a long time and does it also to NEW machines wich where new to LDMS. So far so good.

      Now i have to reinstall machines that was deployed bevore with LDMS. So, i deleted the "old" machine from LDMS in the GUI.

      I re-install the OS on this "old" machines a second time (with landesk osd). When I start this template "Initial Software Deployment" to innstall the software

      this template does not beginn to work and stays pending.


      Other "new" added machines starts working with this template "Initial Software Deployment" (startetd on the same time) as normal.

      Do i have to delete entries in SQL tables or something like that?


      Has anyone a hint to resolve this issue?

      Thanks Erich

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          I understand this correctly, that you redeploy the machines with provisioning and on step therein is the installation of the software?


          What is written in the provisioning history? Is the Software installation step successful?

          When i remember correctly, in provisioning the software will be downloaded to path C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache. Is the software available in this path?

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            hi igeoper


            thanks for  answer, and sorry for my english


            i have no entry in the provisioning history!

            the software installation go short in status active, waiting and last in deployed, not successful.

            the client maschine stay in order pending with policy failure!?

            the software is not available in this path c:\......\sdmcache???


            what is the issue, and what can i do?


            greetings brae

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              Just in case I have to ask a couple.


              The new machines will be deployed and have the LANDesk agent installed?
              Which policy do you use? What are the settings of the policy?


              Then, a completely different question.
              Why do you install software with provisioning?
              Why you don't make a package (one software and the rest as dependend packages). Then you generate task with this packet and as a delivery method you take policy. The local Landesk database is empty after installation and will pull in the policies.


              Just an idea...

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                You say "i have no entry in the provisioning history!

                the software installation go short in status active, waiting and last in deployed, not successful."


                Could it be that there is another provisoning task still running for the same device?



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                  Hello Ian


                  I have today restarted the delayed Task again and its run normal successfuly?

                  I don't know what the problem is.

                  I hope the problem is solved.


                  Thanks for the help, Erich