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    block mouse and keyboard after Windows Logon




      is there an Landesk feature that prevents users to use their mouse and keyboard after windows logon while a "Next Login Distribution" is running.


      My problem is when I schedule a Adobe Flash Player update Internt Explorer may not run until the update is complete.


      I use LDMS 9 SP2



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          I also had this problem and there are hundreds of ways to solve this. The easiest is with communication.


          First, set at the delivery method a "delay until next login". When the user logs in IE is certainly not started immediately.

          Second, use custom message and inform the user to wait until the installation is finished.

          Finally, inform the user about the installation. Show successful or failed status to end user.

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            this is an option but some Users don´t read the message and just click OK! others are afraid of and call the service desk.... and so on.


            My question was how can I implement in a lock down (with a message why) into the "NEXT LOGIN DISTRIBUTION" delivery method


            thanks in advance

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              LANDave SupportEmployee

              One thing to note:


              You can use LANDesk Patch Manager to install the browser plugin updates.


              I had our Patch Content team recently add a "Force Mode" option to the Flash and Shockwave definitions in patch content.


              This is available under the "Custom Variables" tab in the definition properties.


              This allows you to force the browser to close prior to installing the Flash or Shockwave definitions.




              As it says in the graphic: "The 'no' option is the default value.   If the browsers are running the repair task will fail and an error will be reported and you will be prompted to close the browsers.   If you choose 'Yes', you will proceed to install the Flash update with the following actions: The installation process will close browsers"

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                I solved the problem with AutoIT.


                I wrote a little script where the mouse and keyboard are locked while the Installation runs. When the installer is finished it unlocks the Computer.


                for all who are interested:



                BlockInput(1) ; Mouse and Keyboard are locked now
                SplashTextOn("", "Software Update is performing - please wait - Computer will be unlocked when finished", 1200, 200, -1, 1, 1, "", 24) ; Message on the Screen appears
                RunWait("\\pathtoyourflashplayer\install_client.bat", "", @SW_HIDE) ; a batch file is running with silent parameter for flash installer
                SplashOff() ; Message disapears
                BlockInput(0) ; unlock keyboard and mouse
                Sleep (2500)
                this script is compiled into an .exe
                this executable file will be deployed by a scheduled task with a delivery method where "Delay until next login automatically" is set.