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    Inbound Emails not auto creating call


      When logging calls via the "web portal", these calls are not automatically getting turned into an incident.


      I have turned full logging on and this dosen't show any strange errors, I just get


      Processing Inbox for server name xxxxxx.premierfoods.co.uk, user name Touchpaper In.


      Nothing else after this, even though there are calls in that e-mail box. I have tested the connection in mailmanager and it connects succesfully. This always used to work fine stopped about 2/3 days ago, and as far as I'm aware no-one has been playing with the process.


      Thanks in advance...going mad!





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          Fixed this, if anyone else is having the same problems..............


          I logged into the inbound mailbox and moved all of the emails into a temporary e-mail folder, this then free'd everything up and the system started working as expected again.


          I'm guessing that a mail had a dodgy character in the body which was blocking this causing a domino effect. Sure there's probably a SQL script to run against the database to narrow down which mail is causing the problem, but I couldn't find it so have just moved all of the e-mails out.


          Hope it helps anyway





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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            I've seen problems like this in the past with a "dodgy" charactor somewhere secreted in the mail body text.  In my case it was a special char in the signature block of the email in a very small font.  Took some tracking down I can tell you!