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    Clock to start ticking 5 days before effective date




      In one of our Change Management processes one of our users has queried whether the 5 day SLA we have can start ticking automatically 5 days before the required effective date?

      For example we have Starter requests that are submitted early but the starter won't begin for a month or so later as stated in the effective date field. Can the process be set up to start the clock when there are 5 working days before the effective date?




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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Matt,


          This is possible but would require a bit of process design.  You'd need a check at the start of your process (by way of a calculation-based condition) to see if the effective date is more than 5 days in the future and if so perform an automatic Stop Clock action.  Then you would need a nightly scheduled action to start the clock on Changes that have the clock stopped and are now ready for the 5 day SLA to start.


          Someone else may be able to elaborate on that but that is at least the short "Yes" answer!