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    Inbound Mail Question

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      Is there a way to set up the system to SKIP and email message if it encounters ANY kind of issue with processing the message?  We have cases where people are valid users of the system and they never let me know if they get a response or not about that.  Is it possible to have Service Desk skip this and leave it marked as unread so I can see it needs attention?


      Anyone have this issue?



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          Hi Jamie,


          As far as I'm aware you only have two options for skipping an email on purpose - 1. Add the email address to the list of ignored addresses or 2. Add the subject to the list of ignored subjects.


          Other than this I don't think you can tell it to skip certain items. Can I ask exactly why you need to skip, are these users not being created automatically when emailing in for the first time?




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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            We don't set accounts to get created if it's their first time.  We've imported a lot of users but the problem is we'll get a request to remove them because they leave the company so I delete from SD.


            Well, apparently sometimes they come back and we don't get a notice about it so the system doesn't create the ticket because it doesn't "recognize them" and the user doesn't feel the need to contact me like the kick back message says.  Then I get all these errors in Outbound mail about "Object reference not set to instance of object" and so I don't feel like they are actually getting the message.  Therefore I'm stuck without a ticket being created and not getting handled because of errors.


            Just thought it would be nice that if there is an error associated with a ticket, I would like to have it left as unread somehow.  May be wishing for the world though.



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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Jamie,


              Firstly the object reference errors you're seeing sound like a result of problem 5169 which has been patched for 7.4 and is available in the roll-up patch here: Recommended patches for Service Desk 7.4.


              In regards of telling if a user is not a valid user of the system there is no easy way to change the behaviour of Service Desk.  However what will always happen is a warning event if put in the server's event log - if you have any server monitoring software you could capture that event and be notified.


              I hope that helps.

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