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    SD 7.4



      I have the following setup:


      Server for TPS Web and App components running on 2K8 R2 Standard (64bit)

      Server for SQL DB 2K5


      I understand Crystal reports does not support 64bit OS, so I have built a Virtual Server (2k3 32bit), and I am hoping I can install CR just on its own on the VM.


      Is this possible or do I have to scrap it and reconfigure every thing ?





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          We have CR Server installed on 2003 32bit and it runs just fine.


          At one time we also had the client installed as well, but choose instead to install it on a user PC to update the reports.

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            Hi Mem,


            It doesn't matter which server Crystal Reports resides on, LANDesk uses the Crystal Runtime client to run reports in Console not Crystal Reports itself. Provided your report files are still in an accessible location (and this location is set correctly in LANDesk) then where you install the full version of Crystal Reports is irrelevant, from a ServiceDesk perspective.