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    Aaarghhh Resizing!

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi Guys,


      Sorry - in a less than great mood this weekend...


      3rd weekend day in a row trying to get our End User window layouts looking reasonable enough to pass university standards. 


      Most now look passable on smaller screens, if a little irregular, though even these still look ridiculous when viewed on large resolutions.


      I've spent literally days on this!


      For read only screens it's become simpler to just use one attribute and populate data from the other fields via a calculation.  But for ones requiring input....


      I've read and followed Karen's useful tips page, but sometimes we just get windows that for no reason are several screens wide, even after following every piece of advice.


      Has anyone any idea what causes this?


      All the attributes are to the left and we know there aren't any loose ones floating about in Group Boxes becasue we've tried building them several times from scratch.


      But the group boxes still stretch off miles to the right....


      Any advice would be very gratefully accepted!



      Best Regards - Frustrated of Kingston.



      p.s. I know LanDesk are looking at imposing more rules in the next version to help with this (thanks to the ER) but my plea is to PLEASE just stop doing it completely.  We use many, many web products and none of the others feel the need to dynamically resize everything.  Even when it occasionally works and you manage to line things up you end up with massive fields on large resolutions (many of our PCs are 1680x1050 or higher and an input field that fills the whole screen just looks like a mistake).   Apologies for this rant but it's yet another Sunday spent endlessly trying to tweak and waiting out IIS restarts!


      p.p.s.  We also need a way to stop the shortcut bars automatically resizing in Self Service before we go live as our project board regard this as a bug rather than a feature (especially as it only happens for certain link types).  Has anyone looked at killing this via code?  We've resolved a lot of "features" via scripting but it takes time to find and test if anyone has already done this it would save us a lot of effort.  Many thanks.  Oh and again to LanDesk - please find the person coding all of this resizing behaviour  and *please* ask them to stop.


      Cheers - Adam.