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    Self Service Shortcut Bar

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi People,


      Still fighting the shortcut bar for our end users


      We've not managed to stop is resizing yet but moreimportantly we can't find any way to set a size when it is enlarged.


      The problem is that our standrad is now IE9 and the shortcut bar only allows buttons to contain up to 9 characters before it word-wraps.


      So the "Log a New Call" text agreed with our Marketing department is too long for us to use, as is "My Modules" and a host of other links we've agreed upon.


      As you can see, once it word wraps it looks pretty awful in IE9  (this isn't a problem with Chrome or FF).


      Previously we had access to stylesheets to change the sidebar size to a more realistic one that we can use.




      Does anyone have any ideas?


      Many thanks - Adam.