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    Random Software Distribution tasks failing in Provisioning

    Gjstewart Specialist

      Hi Guys has anyone else come across this?


      We are using v9 SP2 and we have 5 templates making a master template.


      In this we have lots of tasks and we are using the software distribution pass in provisioning to choose packages to deploy on the build.


      What is happening is randomly we are getting packages fail. its not everytime and its not the same one everytime. If we untick the stop processing if this package fails box we still have a complete template failure. Its as if provisioning fails but in a major way as the template will not carry on even if told to.


      I also have seen this if we use the configure agent pass in provisioning.


      It gets good now... these packages if kicked of by the cmd line in provisioning work fine and also if scheduled separately as tasks they will run no problem. Also they will run if manually executed with no automation.


      So it appears that the drop down way of choosing these packages \ agents is not stable - this is not acceptable for production and we are reluctant to use cmd paths to all packages when we should be able to use the nice drop down feature in provisioning.


      Has anyone else seen this??

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