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    Landesk PXE not working properly.

    edwest Apprentice



      I am having a problem with PXE and getting an IP address from the PXE Representative.  I can get it to work but can only get it will work 1 out of 10 times we try to run PXE from a workstation? I have read many documents on the LANDesk forum and they really didn't give me a fix for my issue.  I keep getting no boot file received?  I have read that document and many others.  I also know we have everything setup correctly because we have been running Windows Deployment Server and I do not have this issue using PXE through WDS?


      My process :  I disable PXE on the WDS server and start the services on my workstation (PXE Representative).  I have rebooted, reinstalled the PXE Representative, no firewall, we have IP's in our IP pool. I have had my network team look at the switches and ports and they can't figure out why because WDS works?  We are using Cisco switches in our environment.


      Is there anybody out here that has faced this particular problem?  The main focus is WDS works and LANDesk will work sometimes?


      I appreciate any input because this is driving us crazy.