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    Content Replication Schedules


      So I've been using content replication for a bit now.  I've got a total of 20 replicators/prefered servers.  Everything is going great...except one thing.  I am trying to set up the content replication schedule so that content replication only happens at set times.  What I had wanted to do originally was set it such that:


      Group A replicated from 10pm to 2am

      Group B replicated from 12am to 4pm

      Group C replicated from 2am to 6am

      Group D replicated from 4am to 8am


      The idea was to limit the bandwidth in use at any one point, but give replicators a chance to replicate a little more.  I wanted this schedule to be my M-F schedule, and then open up 12 hour blocks for each group on the weekends to "catch up" if they needed to.  The problem I ran into is massive time drift.  If I for instance start a replication task at 12am, tell it to max out at 4 hours, and then repeat after 1 day, it will replicate:


      replicate 12am-4am

      wait 1 day

      replicate 4am - 8am

      wait 1 day

      replicate 8am-12pm

      wait 1 day

      replicate 12pm - 2:30pm (replication caught up).

      wait 1 day

      replicate 2:30pm-2:50pm

      wait 1 day

      replicate 2:50pm-6:50pm




      What I'm left with is what was beautifully orchestrated for one night, only worked for one night.  Is there a way to get a system to replicate every night, at a set time, but only for a certain duration?  I know i can create tasks to trigger the replication, but they seem to run indefinitely.  I don't know if I have to write a script to start/kill the content replication maybe?

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          This looks like the sort of time creep that you would see with the local schedular service if you tell it to do an inventory scan (or a vulscan) every 24 Hrs without a time window. The 24hr clock starts from the time the last task completed.. I wonder how this scheduling is actully implemented :-) I must look into this a bit more...



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            It's exactly the same thing.  The difference is that I can set a time window for my inventory (2am - 6am).  I can't do that for Content Replication.  The time window avoids schedule creep.