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    Delays after Restarts


      Good afternoon all.


      We have recently upgraded to Landesk 9 SP2 and are generally very happy with the results. We are in the processs of provisioning Windows 7 PCs for the new term and all is working well except for one niggle. Our provisioning contains a couple of restarts, one after the PC is named correctly and one after the PC has joined the Domain. After each restart there is a wait command for a period of 5 seconds. the issue I am having is, after the restart it seems to be taking a while to move onto the next task (in this case the wait). I dont beleive the issue to be with the wait, I think the problem to be with the provisioning task starting again after the PC has restarted. This is resulting in a 15 - 20 minute task taking 50+.


      Has anyone seen this issue before or does anyone have any ideas to get arround it?