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    Incident.rpt - running without supplying password


      We have a pretty standard installation of ServiceDesk 7.32 with Crystal Reports, etc.

      The Incident.rpt works fine, but it requires that a password is supplied to run and we don't really want to give the password to the DB out to everyone.

      I've looked throught the articles here but not had any success.

      Is there a way to embed the connection details in the crystal report so that the password is not required?

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup



          as far as I know, you have to create a db user with the dbreader role. This user needs a blank password.

          In your report use this user to connect to the db . If you then add this report with this user in the servicedesk application, you are not asked for a password again.

          Hope that helps.




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            Hi John,


            A read only account can be created with no password to run the reports under (recommended in the guide below in ADDENDUM 1 – Create a reporting database login in SQL):




            The other way is to specify the password in the reports configuration in the Crystal Report component.

            If the location of your reports is specified at a network location such as \\drive\share the password does not carry across the network the prompt for the password is shown.


            However this works better if you map a drive reports (or use an existing one) such as V:\reports and store the reports in that location. All users accessing the report need to be access to the location. Then set the default path for the reports to the mapped network location.



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