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    Use a template with Mail manager - 7.4

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi folks,


      OK - I'm feeling really stupid about asking for help here as it's for something I've done many times with no problem but can't seem to get right anymore!


      It's also something simple - but things may have changed for 7.4....


      Basically we have a new section using LanDesk from this week and I'm setting up their mail mapping.


      With the other teams I've always been able to associate the mapping with a Process and a Template.


      MailManager however, no longer lists the templates that have been associated with the selected process anymore.  It seems you can have either / or but not both.


      So I assumed I could just select the Template and leave the process blank - but when I do this and try to save, MailManager puts up an error saying "You must specify a Process or a Template" - which I already have!


      Need to get this sorted quickly so any help gratefully accepted.


      Cheers - Adam.