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    LANdesk uninstall


      We are in the process of doing a full uninstall of our current client (UninstallWinClient.exe then some additional registry and file deletes as per other conversations here), reboot then reinstalling with a changed version of the client of some of our deployed systems. Also sometimes it seems to clear up some issues to do the client uninstall/re-install.


      My problem is that the UninstallWinClient.exe is VERY slow. Typical uninstall time is 45 minutes.


      Does anyone know if this is typical of UninstallWinClient.exe? I know that it could be that UninstallWinClient.exe is written to be a low impact background task but for our immediate use I would prefer a much faster uninstall.


      We are LD9 SP2.


      Does anyone have any info in regards to this?




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          LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

          What all do you have configured on your agent? If you are running LANDesk AV then it will take longer to remove the agent.

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            We have AV with realtime enabled.


            I guessing this is signifcant since the majority of the time the uninstaller is sitting saying "Deleting file 'C:\Program Files\LANdesk\LDclient\Antivir".


            We are running with the /UI switch but the UI truncates so the above is the best I can tell you where it is getting stuck.


            But I guess to get back to my original question: Even with the agent configured the most "heavy" should it be taking 45+ minutes to uninstall?

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              LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

              Yeah it could very well take that long since it has to get rid of all the AV definitions. I can't remember if mines ever took that long but it did vary depending on hardware of machine, obviously better machines can process things faster. One thing you can try, but I dont know if it will make a difference, is to turn off the AV service and then run the uninstaller to see if the time goes down since real-time won't be scanning. I do believe the uninstaller turns off the service already but can't be certain. I used to run LANDesk AV at my old job, new job doesn't use it.

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                I tried stopping LD services first but still the uninstall is taking about 45 minutes.

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                  LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                  It was worth a shot. Unfortunately I don't see a way around this, since you are using LANDesk AV. That is what is slowing down the uninstaller. Also, are you using the latest uninstaller as it pertains to your version?

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                    Does this happen on all machines, or a select few?


                    Any common things between them?

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                      mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                      We do NOT have the AV client and ours only takes about 5 minutes or less

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                        LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                        Yeah our agents usually uninstall in less than 5 minutes also. You'de be surprised how much having LANDesk AV slows down the uninstaller. I do think 45 is a little on the high side but depending on how slow the machine is, its possible.

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                          First let me say thank you for all your help. I got the version of the uninstaller from my boss who is the LANdesk admin here. I guess you should never assume about anything. I went back and checked the version he was distributing and it was not the same as the version in LDmain.


                          So I ran the correct version of the uninstaller. Unfortunately it is also painfully slow BUT the status window when UI is enabled is much bigger. Now I can see what is going on. It is slowly removing the 12000 signature files file by file.


                          I am going to try an experiment. Before running the uninstaller I am going to delete out these signature folders and see what happens.


                          Stay tuned...

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                            LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                            Yeah I was afraid you might be using an older uninstaller. It has happened to me before . Yeah the AV does have alot of files.

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                              I have had success. I have now reduced the uninstall time down to 5 minutes.


                              I don't know how the LANdesk powers that be are about a procedure like this but here is what I did:


                              1) Went to %systemroot%\Program Files\LANdesk\LDclient


                              2) In that folder I deleted the folder sdmcache


                              3) Then I go down to folder Antivirus


                              4) I erase the folder temp_bases8


                              5) I change into the folder bases8


                              6) Delete the folder backup


                              7) Delete all the files with the filespec *.kdc


                              Unfortunately the LANdesk uninstaller does some lame recursive delete of files so that with AV installed it painfully deletes over 10000 files one by one.


                              With the above you cut the number of files down to a few hundred.


                              Translation the uninstall goes through in about 5 minutes instead of the 45 minutes it was taking.


                              Now I just have to modify my AutoIT script to incorporate these deletes and then I have a complete uninstaller.

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                                LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                                Glad you found a work-around

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                                  It would be cool if you could post your AutoIT script when you finish it.. im sure a lot of people would find it helpful. And now that you have determined the root cause, why not open an Enhancement Request on community to ask that the uninstaller be modified to do somting along the lines of what you script does.



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                                    No problem with posting the AutoIT script. I will do it as a reference. LANdesk is complicated. My script may not work in other environments.


                                    As for posting this as an enhancement I will do it. To me this is more of a bug fix. The coders probably didn't think there would be installations with 11000 definition files to delete.

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