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    Change Delivery Method via SQL

    zman Master


      Ok remember back in the old days when Software Distribution changed big time (7.0 -> 8.0) ? We did a in place upgrade of LANDesk, and when it went through and created delivery methods it chose:



      Optional - As desired - 1  through 38



      Required - Once - 1  Through 11






      We have numerous Scheduled Tasks pointing to these auto generated delivery method names. I've been living with this for some time and it works, but I can't stand it any more and want to change it to our Standard Delivery Methods.  Seems simple enough:


      • Backup

      • Find the old and new  DeliveryMethod_idns in the DeliveryMethod Table.

      • Change the DELIVERYMETHOD_IDN field in the LD_TASK table from old to new.



      So a couple of questions:


      1. Is this safe?

      2. Any other dependencies (I can't see any)  I need to be aware of?

      3. Do I have to restart the task when I finish? If yes is there a way to programmatically do this?

      So why don't I do this manually? Well it is a couple of hundred tasks on multiple cores 


      Thanks. BTW 8.7 SP3.