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    Inventory Status Window


      I have a strange one here. When ever I begin an inventory scan on a PC or multiple PCs, the status window that usually comes up, opens minimized on the  task bar. When I try to maximize it, it does not allow me. It seems to be a setting attached to my login. If I log in on the core server or another PC, it does the same thing. If some one else logs in on that PC or on mine, it comes up normally. I have looked everywhere for a setting that would control this but to no avail. I have also tried deleting my LD Console ID and recreated it but it still does not work. Anyone know how to resolve this?




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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          This is not a setting in LANDesk. Have you checked Group Policy? You may have some policy attached to your login

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            Not sure why it would only be LANDesk that has the issue and further more, just the inventory status window. If I bring up the inventory poperties on a node in the console, it comes up maximed as normal. I can check my AD policies but I doubt that would be the culprit.

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              I found a soltuion to it.


              Had to go into Configure > Layouts > then hit the rest button.


              Now the inventory window comes up normally again.

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                LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

                Wow that's strange. I wouldn't think your layout would have anything to do with the inventory window not popping up.

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                  LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

                  After re-reading your original post, I thought you were referring to the window that pops up when you manually do a scan on the physical machine and not from the console.

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                    I know me either. I believe what may have happened is that I had an inventory window open and minimized when I saved a layout which caused the "minimized" screen to be saved like that. Just a guess but still strange anyway you look at it. lol

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                      Ahhh I see, yeah that would be pretty strange as well.

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                        mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                        This happens to me once in a while, an easy fix once you learn how...


                        Actually, there are two similar issues, here is the description and fix for both and a tip to help you out in the future...




                        Issue # 1


                        Right click on the item in the taskbar, choose "Maximize"


                        If this opens it, close the window, reopen it, now you can resize it and close it again, this will "remember" your setting / size



                        Issue # 2


                        If the above does not open it, it is most likely "off the screen", this happens when you open the console on a dual-monitor system and have the windows open on two different screens, or in some cases, all open on the "secondary" monitor.  Now, when you open the console on a Single screen system or RDP'd tot he core, some windows will be opened on the other screen.... the one you don't have!



                        To fox this, right click on the item in the task bar


                        Select the "move" option from the right click context on the task bar tab.

                        Then use the Keyboard arrows, not the mouse, to move the window into position.


                        It should return to the position you move it to on future starts.



                        What I found works great is to get all of your LANDesk console items set up the way you want on your RDP / Teminal session (or any single screen setup), go to "Layouts" at the top, save it as "Terminal" or some other name.


                        Now, open on your desktop and repeat, saving with a new name.


                        Now, if you ever get into this issue, you can just go to your layouts and apply the one you want.