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    Install at logon with LDMS 9

    harry88 Apprentice

      What's the way to do this now? I need this at logon because my users don't log off and are usually in applications that I need to update. Desktop manager doesn't close ,so is there a way to run it silent or in taskbar without staying resident in memory.

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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          Not sure I quite understand. In order to do install at next login, you would have to use a proper delivery method with that setting.

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            If your users don't log off, then running a task at login wont work ! You might consider turning on the WOL in your devices BIOS, and then using the Power Management options to force machines to shut down (soft shutdown) late at night and then use WOL to bring them back up to install software and patches in the early morning, and then shut them down at the end.



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              harry88 Apprentice

              Heres an example.  We have alot of integrations with outlook and word.  Most times, an update for an application needs the primary applications to be closed.  In this example, outlook.  Most users don't log off but we do send a restart job.  But this restart job can be postponed or disabled if a user is still working on the computer.  We have users working almost 24hrs a day.  I can not send a package to push if outlook is still open, because the install will fail.  I want to set desktop manager to run at login, but the desktop manager always stays open and users will complain about needing to close it every day.  This is my issue.

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                So you have shift changes but the user stays logged on? I dont quite understand "the desktop manager always stays open" .. Thats an option in Desktop Manager | Customisation in the Agent Configuration, but you dont need to use it if it causes problems. How do you perform patching normally in you environment, you must have some maintainance windows, I just cant believe that you run 24/7 without ever logging off or rebooting ?



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                  harry88 Apprentice

                  Sadly, we have alot of user who just lock their machines and don't log out and leave applications open.  They complain that the login process takes too long. We used to use the apm client to do the patching of software.  We spoiled our users too much.

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                    harry88 Apprentice

                    First off, I want to Thank You all for the input.  I think its putting me in the right direction now and I know what I am doing wrong.  Since the demise of APM.  I keep thinking desktop manager is its replacement.  And in the HKLM\..\Run, it keeps launching desktopmanager.exe and that doesn't go away without user interaction to close the gui.  That's what I meant by it doesn't close. Sorry, I know I wasn't clear on that. But I also just realized I should be running policy.sync.exe in the HKLM\..Run instead? That seems to invoke the applications I need to install when the user logs in.  I hate it that there is only a little icon in the taskbar that tells you when an installation is going on.  But I have no other choices, there doesn't seem to be any gui anymore.  Wasn't my agent suppose to add that into the run key in the registry? Are there anymore command options for this policy.sync.exe?

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                      Hi Harry,


                      policy.sync.exe usually is set up in the agent to run automatically. Under Agent Configuration->Software Distribution->Policy Options, you get these settings. I have mine set to run hourly. Then I just set up my scheduled tasks as policies, and they run when the machines check in. You can set up the feedback for more than the icon; I believe there's an option to get a progress bar, etc, but I would think this would be more disruptive for your users.

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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                        Hi Harry,


                        Certainly sounds like you are trying to deal with a situation that has gradually gotten worse over time. Relying on the login process to perform these updates is a little worrying, especially when you say that one of the biggest problems is users never logging off.


                        You can't solve this entirely with technology, you will need to look into changing working practices slightly in order to improve it, especially if it means your machines are getting into an inconsistent and potentially unpatched state because of what I'd term user apathy.


                        You have a few options.


                        • You could try policy supported pushes so that the initial distribution happens out of hours and anything that isn't on picks up later
                          • Combine this with user feedback options allowing users to see what is about to happen and choose to defer if they want
                          • This is something to build up on because you can set the maximum number of deferrals and educate your users that if they keep putting this off, then it has to happen at some point
                        • Power Management is an initiative that your organisation could begin to pursue
                          • You would get greater SWDist coverage by a different initiative that encourages or forces systems to go offline when not being used
                            • This could go in stages starting with asking people to do it, followed by introducing enforced policies
                            • You mention users leaving documents open or leaving machines unattended and this could be perceived as a barrier
                              • If it is, then the standard LANDesk functionality for policies won't be enough and you'll need to look at an additional module that can handle safe shutdown for saving docuemnts and possibly handling auto-logoff for machines that are left idle for a long period of time too. We have one that integrates with LANDesk but see how far you can get without it first


                        Whatever happens though you are going to need to retrain your users if you want to get a level of control back. Never easy, but if you can get backing at a high enough level on the steps to achieve it then absolutely possible.


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                          You may also want to look at using Vulscan (Patch & Compliance tasks) as this offers a lot of user interaction and deferal options (more so than Software Distribution tasks)