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    Problem with Provisioning Template Distributing Software


      Hello All,


      Glad to be here. I am new to these forums, but I hope that I am asking valid question. I have been banging my head against the wall for the last couple weeks, but now I think it is time to call in the experts. Here is my problem.


      I have a Provisioning Template that installs Windows XP, copys the install script, copys drivers with HII, and then tries to install software. Everything installs great until we get to the Software Installs. I can install exactly 5 distribution packages, then short after this, LANDesk marks all of the other 5 packages as successful and restarts as planned. I have tested all of my packages and they are all working correctly, but if I have more than 5, they will not install.


      I did some research on this site and someone mentioned that the probelm was that SDClient was not terminating after every distribution package. I put a 2 minute wait between every package so that each one would have proper time to close. This did not work.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks guys