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    Post history on the MCP document page


      So, it looks like the long discussion on the LANDESK Management Suite 9.0 Monthly Component Patches (pre SP3 only) page has been removed and posting new comments has been disabled. I've endeavoured to find this discussion elsewhere, but it appears to have vanished.


      I'm hoping this is temporary until it's reinstated in a more appropriate location. If not, that is a shame. While I recognise the discussion had become quite long and wasn't always a glowing reflection on the quality of the patches, I would say it contained some useful tips and caveats for those intending to apply the current MCPs.


      Also, if I may be frank, deleting a conversation without any trace or explanation is just bad community management, and perhaps even a little disrespectful to all those who had participated in it.

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          -thanks for this post.



          I had a bookmark for the page which contained the current MCPs for LDMS.  I can't find the bookmark any more and a search turned up your post.  Is there no longer a page which shows the available MCPs?

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            Interesting. At the time I wrote that post the page was still visible however the comments thread had been removed.


            I have it in my history as http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22561 however that page now appears as Unauthorized with the message "It appears you're not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake."


            That implies to me that it's been 'unpublished' rather than removed. Without wishing to speculate (although that's exactly what I'm about to do ), either:

            • LD have decided that all MCPs are now by request only - this would makes sense as the previously published ones had bugs that are fixed in later unpublished ones
            • New MCPs are about to be published and they've taken the document offline whiles it's updated and proof-read


            I'd like it to be the second, although I suspect it's more likely the first.


            Some kind of comment or announcement from LANDesk would be nice, but considering the silence with which my original (admittedly somewhat confrontational) post was met... we shall see.

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              beau.gordon Employee

              I've temporarily moved this document to an internal location and am in the process of modifying it.  This was done on Friday last week.  We have had a couple of unanticipated issues with the MCP model which we are actively working to address.  I didn't feel that the document as it was published represented the best available information on the status of patches for LDMS.  I'm working with my team to resolve this and repost an updated document as soon as possible.  I anticipate this will be within 2 days.


              In the meantime, please contact our customer support team if you are experiencing a technical issue with the software and we will be happy to offer assistance identifying a solution, whether it be it a patch, configuration change, or otherwise.


              Best Regards,

              Beau Gordon
              LANDesk Support

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                Hi Beau,


                Thank you very much for this response. I believe the lack of comment from LANDesk staff on the current state of MCPs has been a source of frustration for some (if not many - or perhaps just me... )


                Anyway, I'm sure any update this new document can provide will be much appreciated.




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                  Hi Beau,


                  Is there any news on the changes to the MCP system you mentioned?  Its been almost 3 months since you posted abouth the change and nothing seems to have happened.


                  Even the MCP page has not been modified since August.