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    Bare Metal CSV Imports Taking Forever To Scan?


      OK maybe not forever but I seem to remember, before the last round of patches, CSV Imports to bare metal server did not take as long as they are now to scan into inventory and show up in the console. I have been importing about 100 machines at a time and it seems to take just about an hour to process all the scan files. Meanwhile it's backing up all my other full inventory scans coming into the LDSCAN directory. Mini scans seem to get processed immediately.


      I have over 1200 machines to enter into Bare Metal Server, and its just not as efficient as it used to be... Once the last Imported Scan gets proccessed everything else in the LDSCAN folder gets processed within a matter of minutes, well over 100 regular SCAN files. Anyone else notice this behavior? Is my memory failing me has it always taken this long to process the CSV imports?