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    Software Count


      How can I use LanDesk to create a query to show the number of software running on our network? We dont want to show the different computers running this, just a list of programs/software on our computers.

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          egarlepp Employee

          You would have to use a query in the reporting engine as a standalone query doesn't allow counting.  Also, in terms of the count of software it woudl be best to choose the software that you want to count and not do a comprehensive count of everyhting as this will take a significantly logn time and may bog your core.


          I have attached 2 reports one that i created and another have updated and enhanced from an original - One will show the numbers of software installed for your scope(s) by publisher.  Second shows a breakdown by totals of adobe products scoped.  Both of these reports will scope to your RBA setup, that is what the (S) is for.


          You can take a look at these reports and get an idea how to change them to show Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc... software and total them.

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            I am not able to view the reports. Looks like there is a version clash. How can I view the reports in my version?




            Software By Publisher(S).ldms

            Items were rejected because of a version mismatch error. The first 3 numbers in this assembly version ( do not match the items' (

            Failed to import: Software By Publisher(S).ldms


            However, we are trying to find out all the different programs in our company. We dont want duplicate instances as it would show up when devices are involed. Have you done something like this before?  Thanks









































































































































































































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              egarlepp Employee

              In terms of the version numbers - open the reports in notepad and find all the newer version numbers and change them to


              If I am understanding what you want, the adobe report could do that with a minor tweak to show all publishers so it would give you list of all publishers and the numbers installed on systems.  It would require going into report designer and make a slight modification to the SQL.  I have not done that in the past as it is usually a specific publisher or app and not eveyrthing..

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                egarlepp Employee

                I just went in and made a quick change to the SQL and posted the report that shows all the software scoped to your RBA setup and the totals for each.  You can sort as you need.  It doesn't show the computers associated with them though.  You could do that with some specific changes to the SQL and additions to the report.


                Hope this helps..

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