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    Local Device's Time and Time zone information non-existent in inventory?

    Catalysttgj Expert

      I've asking this question to start a discussion with folks on who misses this, and whether or not an idea should be submitted to get this added to a standard inventory and as the natural result to the DB schema. I know that time zone information is not currently collected, and i'm aware that this information can be pulled from the registry fairly easily, but doesn't it seem ridiculous that this information collection isn't built-in to the product by now?


      I found an article that was around two and a half years old on here where an employee submitted an ER request. I can find no trace of this ER under the ideas. I suspect that is because of the cut over to a new system, and either deletion or archival of this previous request. Why in the world is LANDesk not paying attention to these ER's? Am I missing something on searching for ER's? How hard would it be for them to get local time from a device and time zone information within 2.5 years of its mention?


      The importance of collecting this information should be fairly easy to recognize. Deployments based on local time, and not on core time is the first obvious one. Secondly, as an analysis tool to identify misconfigured devices on their time/time zone settings. When computers dont have their times set correctly all sorts of strangeness can occur. Most importantly, the relationship to LANDesk's local scheduled tasks comes to mind. This seems like a total no brainer to me. Any thoughts?


      The ER for time zone info add was: CR ID 20883. The link to the post about this is here: http://community.landesk.com/support/message/5408#5408