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    Stuck booting into WinPE



      I am sure this is a simple thing, but I was playing around on a test box with creating a Landesk job that will image a desktop machine.  Well...it booted into WinPe and said that I needed to inject the SATA drivers...When I reboot the desktop, it keeps booting into WinPE. I cancelled the scheduled task but still it boots into WinPe.


      How do I stop this?

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          EMiranda Expert

          in winPE open up the command prompt and type this:


          diskinfo fix

          diskinfo remove_vboot_partition

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            Thanks, but it didn't fix it.  I am starting to think that I just blew away the partition table.  I must be using the wrong job....I thought I could go into the OSD and create script using the Capture Win PE image, point to my backup location and my ghost32.exe and bingo........but I must be gravely mistaken.

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              EMiranda Expert

              If you are still in WinPE, you can view the partition layout to see if its still there,


              do this:



              select disk 0

              list volume

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                I just sent a new build back to the workstation...but am i doing the right thing?  I want to backup a workstation using my curent version of ghost.  Should i be creating a script through the OSD?

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                  EMiranda Expert

                  Yes, OSD script is a way to go,


                  but you need to make sure that your WinPE has the drivers to support the tasks that you want it to do.



                  There is a button in the OSD section, that says "manage the drivers in the WinPE image" you need to make sure that the WinPE has both Network and Storage drivers of the device you are backing up for WinPE to process your OSD script completly.  You stated that it bombed out and saying that you needed SATA drivers.


                  Go out and grab the Vista-32bit drivers for your storage controller (assuming your on 9.0) and inject those into your winpe image and try it again.

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                    I added the drivers in there and have attached the screenshot of the job that I am running (if you wouldn;t mind taking a look). 


                    I'm going to give it a quick try.

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                      Did't work.  Still told me that I am missing the sata drivers and blew away my existing disk.  I checked the partition, as you suggested in one of your last posts, and there were no disks or volumes present.


                      Also, we are still running Landesk 8.8 (for another few months).

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                        EMiranda Expert

                        what is the machine model that you are trying to image. on landesk 8.8 you need XP drivers for your sata controller in WinPE.

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                          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                          So you did what is called a VBoot.


                          This copies a WinPE image to your system, then creates an item in your partition table pointing to this file and makes it the active bootable partition.


                          Since you don't have SATA drivers, there is no way to change your partition table from this version of WinPE.


                          Adding drivers to your WinPE image means that the next time you do a VBoot, you may have the correct SATA driver, but you are already in the VBoot state.


                          You probably have to get the correct driver added and create an .ISO of thumb drive image and boot off that, to clear the partition table entry.

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                            Well I got everything working on one of our older models of desktops (OptiPlex 755) but can't get it to work on some of the newer models (Optiplex 960, 980, and 990).


                            Also, I created a WinPE pxe boot image that is running the latest version of WinPe that I can boot into and set the Windows XP partition to Active, so I no longer have to restore from image when things go wrong.


                            I am wondering if I can update the version of WinPE in Landesk 8.8...it is using pretty much the original version.  Do you know if this is possible?  This way I wouldn't need to drivers.